Just Another Black Thought: Civil Rights Day

MLK quote

We probably shouldn’t be saying this on MLK day but today should be named Civil Rights Day and not Martin Luther King Jr. Day. MLK definitely did a whole lot. I’m not criticizing him. Just …

Eight Step Marketing Process

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Now that you have a solid marketing process in place. It’s time you look into joining the new face of cooperative digital marketing at Dreams Collective. 


“When are we ever going to use any of this?”

It was a spring day during the eight grade year of my formal schooling. My peers and I were getting ready to make the jump from middle school to high school that, coupled with the …


Wake Up and Remember Your Dreams

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Another problem attached to the inequality of wealth is the fact that education and knowledge is becoming a business instead of a universal right. The conspiracy of the ‘College-industrial Complex’ is strengthen by the fact …


The Distribution of Wealth: Perception versus Reality

The actual distribution of wealth in the U.S. is as remote from the public’s perceived distribution as the perceived distribution is from the ‘ideal’ distribution as envisioned by most Americans. The richest one percent of …