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One of the best lessons you can learn is to trust but verify. Our financial advisors have definitely witnessed the ugly side of how people handle money. Their motto, trust but verify, has helped them discern whom they should and should not trust, especially in their field of work. Trust has a more refined purpose if verification is ensued. The inability to trust someone is a complex process of evolution that helps protect us. It is comforting when you know for a fact that you can always count on someone. Unfortunately, too much trust is a part of the problem that people constantly face when they have to make major decisions or conduct business because people tend to not initially think about the power of cooperation, especially if they do not agree with other parties. Trust has been turned into a device that people use to show your weakness, your vulnerability. Trust should not be perceived that way, and this mindset is unacceptable. We hope and pray that Dreams Collective can stand strong as an example of people who trust each other so that we can progress closer and closer to goals that will help us accomplish more than we anticipate.

The ability to verify if someone is your friend or foe involves cooperation, which gives you several opportunities to read others. Family members and close friends are just as capable of betraying and even hurting you as the playground bully or a sleazy businessman. We should not be scared of trusting, and most people learn how to trust through trial and error. The prisoner’s dilemma and the snowdrift game theory try to understand why people just cannot trust others anymore. The outcome in these situations usually involves someone being tricked or used in order to unfairly game the system or help someone else. Trust is risky as seen when prisoners are interrogated or when people cannot decide whether or not they will shovel snow off the road. Similar situations confirm why self-interest can be a double-edged sword. You should know whether or not certain people care about you. Then again, you should not shun others when you know they need help. That is exactly how our digital cooperative marketing efforts are different than other platforms. By sharing interests and trying to eliminate greed from our system. Well-calculated cooperation seems to no longer cross anyone’s mind whenever they have to deal with so many different people with complex, usually self-centered motives. Luckily, our version of a share economy is going to change everything.

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