Joint Music Collaboration Agreement Form and Contract

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A collaboration agreement is a contract between artists who work together on a project. This particular document is suitable for musicians and artists working together on a song/single. It specifies the terms and conditions of the parties’ working relationship. It includes printable documents as well as digital contracts that you can fill in. The file formats included are Microsoft Word and PDF.

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A Joint Music Collaboration Agreement is a contract between artists who work together on a project. This Music Business Collaboration Agreement specifies the terms and conditions of the parties’ working relationship, including the type of creative work they plan to undertake together, the allocation of responsibilities, and how any profits might be divided. This product is a legal document that also includes a Song Split Sheet as well as a Side Artist Agreement. This contract is a must have for musicians who want to collaborate with others. Remember to always protect yourself from all angles and make sure to always get everything documented.

All of these documents have a professional look and feel to them. The print version of the contract can include as many parties and members as needed. The digital fill-able contracts allow up to ten different legal parties & member’s information to be added to the contract. If you need more members to be added to the digital version of the contracts, than please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. The download link for this product expires two years from your purchase date. There is no limit placed on the number of times you can download this product. This means that the files can be downloaded and used an unlimited number of times within the two year timeframe since the product was purchased.

This product includes four downloadable files.

  • A password protected fill-able Microsoft Word Document file
  • A password protected printable Microsoft Word Document file
  • A printable PDF file
  • A fill-able PDF file

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